Triumph GT6 Rebuild Pages

This is the Table of Contents for my 1969 Triumph GT6 restoration pages. The content isn't intended to be a "how-to" guide, but rather just a more or less chronological journal of the project.

Nothing on this site is a recommendation or endorsement for any action.

Page 1--Beginning
Page 2--Frame
Page 3--Front Suspension
Page 4--Front Hubs
Page 5--Front Calipers
Page 6--Rack & Pinion Steering
Page 7--Differential
Page 8--Rear Spring
Page 9--Rear Hubs
Page 10--Rear Suspension
Page 11--Rear Brakes
Page 12--Chassis Plumbing
Page 13--Inner Axles
Page 14--Body Rotisserie
Page 15--Gearbox
Page 16--Alternator
Page 17--Starter
Page 18--Water Pump
Page 19--Fuel Pump
Page 20--Carburetors
Page 21--Intake Manifold
Page 22--Exhaust Manifold
Page 23--Distributor
Page 24--Heater
Page 25--Throttle Linkage
Page 26--Master Cylinders & Pedals
Page 27--Speedometer/Tachometer
Page 28--Cylinder Head
Page 29--Gauges
Page 30--Rocker Gear
Page 31--Horns
Page 32--Battery Box
Page 33--Windshield Wiper Motor
Page 34--Floors
Page 35--A & B Post, Sill, Inner Wing
Page 36--Rear Wheel Wells
Page 37--Finishing the Body
Page 38--Rear Wings
Page 39--Outer Sills
Page 40--Door Hinges
Page 41--Rear Damper Brackets
Page 42--Remounting the Body
Page 43--Prepping the Block