Triumph TR6 Rebuild Pages

This is the Table of Contents for my 1974 Triumph TR6 restoration pages. The content isn't really intended to be a "how-to" guide, but rather just a more or less chronological journal of the project.

Nothing on this site is a recommendation or endorsement for any action.

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Page 1--Some "Before" Pics
Page 2--Removing the Engine
Page 3--Engine Teardown
Page 4--Block stripping & inspection
Page 5--Starter Motor
Page 6--Fuel Pump
Page 7--Alternator
Page 8--Water Pump
Page 9--Crankshaft
Page 10--Building the Block
Page 11--Distributor
Page 12--Camshaft
Page 13--Oil Pump
Page 14--Front Sealing Block
Page 15--Throttle linkage
Page 16--Intake Manifold
Page 17--Cylinder Head
Page 18--Rocker Arms
Page 19--Valve Train Geometry
Page 20--Carburettors
Page 21--Valve Train
Page 22--Coolant Return Tube
Page 23--Flywheel and Clutch
Page 24--Gearbox
Page 25--Pedal Box
Page 26--Exhaust Manifold
Page 27--Removing the Body
Page 28--Frame Cleaning & Inspection
Page 29--Frame Rehab
Page 30--Front Suspension
Page 31--Front Hub
Page 32--Front Calipers
Page 33--Rack & Pinion Steering
Page 34--Rear Dampers
Page 35--Rear Suspension
Page 36--Rear Axles & Hubs
Page 37--Rear Brakes
Page 38--Differential
Page 39--Drive Shaft
Page 40--Tach & Speedometer
Page 41-- Heater
Page 42--Wiper Motor& Wheel Boxes
Page 43--Gauges
Page 44--Voltage Stabilizer
Page 45--Dashboard
Page 46--Steering Column
Page 47--Switches and Indicators
Page 48--Body Rotisserie
Page 49--Body Tub Repair
Page 50--Preparing the Frame
Page 51--Engine/gearbox install
Page 52--Brake Servo
Page 53--Exhaust
Page 54--Carb Heat Shield
Page 55--Seat Tracks
Page 56--Seats
Page 57--Oil Filter Adapter
Page 58--Radiator
Page 59--Steering Wheel
Page 60--Hand Brake Lever
Page 61--Remounting the Tub
Page 62--Door Hinges
Page 63--Fuel Tank
Page 64--Rear Wing Rust Repair
Page 65--Exterior Lighting
Page 66--Windshield Washer
Page 67--Front Wing Rust Repair
Page 68--Window Regulators
Page 69--Horns
Page 70--Panel Gaps
Page 71--Transmission Tunnel
Page 72--Hand Brake Cables
Page 73--Wiper/Washer Install
Page 74--Accelerator Shaft
Page 75--Heater Install
Page 76--Hydraulics
Page 77-Heater Valve
Page 78--Glove Box
Page 79--Crash Pads
Page 80--Dash Wiring
Page 81--Fuel Tank Vent
Page 82--Power Module
Page 83--Seat Belts
Page 84--Bonnet Latch
Page 85--Boot Latch
Page 86--Grille
Page 87--Radiator Shroud
Page 88--Coolant Overflow
Page 89--Air Box
Page 90--Dash Support
Page 91--Driveline Geometry
Page 92--Shifter Boot
Page 93--Heater Plinth and Controls
Page 94--Cowl and Bonnet Gutter Drains
Page 95--Sun Visors
Page 96--Windshield
Page 97--Dash Install
Page 98--Final Dash Install
Page 99--Wiring
Page 100--Convertible Top
Page 101--Boot Trim
Page 102--Battery Stuff
Page 103--Kidney Panels
Page 104--Interior Vinyl Trim
Page 105--Center Console
Page 106--Carpets
Page 107--Fuel Filler
Page 108--Paint Booth
Page 109--Mounting Rear Wings
Page 110--Boot Lid
Page 111--Rear Bumper
Page 112--Window Guides
Page 113--Doors
Page 114--Front Wings & Other Front Stuff
Page 115--Bonnet
Page 116--Final Engine Bay
Page 117--First Start
Page 118--Odds & Ends I
Page 119--Wheels & Tires
Page 120--License Plate Plinth
Page 121--Wheel Alignment
Page 122--Rear Stabilizer
Page 123--Jack
Page 124--Odds & Ends II
Page 125--Epilog