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December 15, 2013


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The TR6 crankshaft is a hefty 60-pound slug of metal.  It runs in four main bearings.

First indication of crank condition came from looking at the bearings.

This a representative rod bearing.  Most of the wear surface of the bearing is gone, and there are visible score marks.

This is a typical main bearing.  Its wear looks similar to the rod bearings.  Maybe a little less scoring.

Next step was to measure the bearing journals on the crank.

All of the crank pins were right at or slightly out of spec, and showed out of round levels up to about 0.0007.  There was scoring, but nothing deep.

All of the main bearing journals measured well within spec, and only showed a maximum out of round of 0.0002, which is right at the measuring capability I have, so I called it essentially zero.  Scoring was visible, but not severe.

So the rod journals would need to be turned undersize just on the grounds of the out of spec measurements, but I decided to have all the journals turned 0.010 undersizedj just to get the scoring cleaned up.

Here is the crank fresh from the machine shop:

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