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April 27, 2014

Pedal Box

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Between some of the more major jobs on this car, I try to fit in some of the smaller, simpler stuff so they don't all end up as a mass of loose ends in the home stretch.  One of these was the pedal box which includes the brake and clutch pedal mechanisms.  This is really a pretty stout, sturdy design without a lot of obvious compromises.  Both pedals pivot on a single 5/8" steel shaft.  Each pedal arm is welded to a roughly 3.5"  long tube that carries a pair of steel bushes that ride on the shaft.  This makes for smooth movement with very little side play.  The clutch pedal has an ample return spring, and on the brake side, there is a bracket that carries the stop light switch.  

My pedal box was really in reasonably serviceable shape other than the paint, which was pealing off in big flakes, characteristic of some past brake fluid leak.  This of course permitted a fair amount of rust.

A few minutes of sand blasting easily took care of the bad paint and rust on the box itself.

The pedal arms also had rust and failing paint too, but also had their clevis holes a little elongated.

The misshapen holes were welded up, ground flat, and redrilled.

Everything was repainted.

The shaft, bushes, Thackery (spring) washers, and other hardware were still in good condition, so I really didn't have to replace anything except the rubber pedal pads.  I considered preemptively upgrading the plastic stop switch with a more robust modern one, but it was still working fine.  Since it's easy to get to later, I decided to save a few bucks and put the original one back in.

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