October 30, 2013

Pulling the engine

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The engine in the TR6 can be pulled with or without the gearbox.  Either way, it is a relatively easy, straightforward process--just unhook everything connecting the engine (or enge/gearbox) to the rest of the car and yank 'er out.  In fact, except for draining fluids, the whole process can be done without getting under the car.  

With the bonnet off, there is good access to everything in the engine compartment.  Gearbox mounts and drive shaft have to be dealt with from inside the car after removing the seats, console, and tunnel.

There was plenty of evidence of various critters using the car as a cheap flop-house.

Removing some of the larger subassemblies from the engine can make the pull a little less cumbersome.

To clear the path for the removal, the bonnet, radiator, and the tubular front frame cross-member must be removed.  After that, just attach the sky hook and slowly pull her out.  One of my manuals said removing the engine is a three hour process.  It took me about twice that.  

Removed the head and gearbox to make things more manageable, and mounted the engine on a mobile stand.

Plenty of work to do in here, too, but that's for next year.

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