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January 2, 2014


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Here is the TR6 camshaft.  It has five bearing journals that run directly in the cast iron block, and it also carries a cam for the mechanical fuel pump and a gear that drives both the distrubutor and the oil pump.

I was hoping to re-use the stock camshaft, but that plan evaporated when I saw the number 9 lobe.  Most of the rest of the lobes look and measure OK, but #9 showed some definite pitting.  The #2 lobe also showed some lesser pitting.  The pits are probably fatigue fractures of the surface, possibly caused by a lubrication or a material problem.

If there were any doubt about the lobe pitting being a problem, a look at the coresponding lifter convinced me.  That and the fact that the pitted lobe measured almost 0.010" smaller than the rest.

So it looks like I'll be getting a new cam.  Well, at least it gives me an excuse to put in something a little more interesting than the stock item.

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