1971 Triumph Daytona Rebuild Table of Contents

Page 1--Before pictures and disassemblyPage 25--Front Turn Signals
Page 2--Engine cases and crankPage 26--Switch Cluster Repair
Page 3--More engine casesPage 27--Throttle Control and Handlebars
Page 4--CylindersPage 28--Control Cables
Page 5--GearboxPage 29--Oil Filter
Page 6--Engine AssemblyPage 30--Fuel Petcock
Page 7--Cylinders & pistonsPage 31--Tires
Page 8--Front wheel & brakePage 32--Fuel Tank
Page 9--Rear wheel & brakePage 33--Foot Rests
Page 10--Rear suspension & swingarmPage 34--Instruments
Page 11-- FramePage 35--Chain Guard
Page 12--ForksPage 36--Rocker Spindle Oil Grooves
 Page 13--Mounting the Forks (have to build a lift first)Page 37--Paint
 Page 14--Cylinder HeadPage 38--Tail Light Assembly
Page 15--Zinc PlatingPage 39--Mounting Rear Fender
Page 15a--Rocker BoxesPage 40--Exhaust System
Page 16--More Engine AssemblyPage 41--Pinstriping
Page 17--Final Engine AssemblyPage 42--Tank Badges
Page 18--Engine InstallPage 43--Wiring II
Page 19--Some Electrics Page 44--Contact Breaker
Page 20--Oil Tank & Tool CoverPage45--Front Fender
Page 21--Carbs & Manifolds Page 46--Mounting Fuel Tank
Page 22--WiringPage 47--Mounting Chain Guard
Page 23--Headlight Shell AssemblyPage 48--Seat
Page 24--Oil Pressure Switch and ReleifPage 49--Odds & Ends
Page 50--FINISHED!   (& Epilog)