November 9, 2011

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The forward footrests on my Daytona are fixed, while the rear (passenger) ones fold up to be vertical when not in use.

The rear pegs mount to the bracket that supports the mufflers.  Since this bike was not a US export model, these brackets are different than those found in the US parts manuals.

The footrest "hangers" (the fixed parts that mounts to the muffler bracket) are simple one-piece parts that will look much better painted if they are smoothed out a little bit.

The rear footrests parts with original hardware replated, and the assembled footrests.  On the right, the rubbers are shown with the front footrest parts.  The rubbers go on easier with some rubber lubricant.  Liquid soap works well, too.  I wasn't very impressed with the quality of the aftermarket rubbers.  The rubber seems solid, and they fit OK, it's just that the surface finsh and detail could have been better.

Rear footrests mounted to the muffler brackets and installed to he frame:

The front footrests are simpler:

After all the cleanup and painting, installed on the bike, they didn't look right.  Both front footrests were angled up at five degrees or so, surely the result of a number of minor spills I took over the years I rode the bike.  I verified by looking at old advertising pictures that the pegs really should be parallel to the ground.

A little time with a torch and a cheater bar did the trick.  The horizontal part of the rest should be at right angles to the plane of the flat mounting faces.  It's easy to do by sight if the rest is held in a vice with the faces vertical.  The heat ruined the paint, though.

Ahhh, that's better:

I did the foot brake parts at the same time:

Mounted in place:

Table of Contents and more pictures

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