February 14, 2010

Switch cluster repair.

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Unlike the left switch cluster, the right one needed some internal repair.  I had done some resoldering in this switch long ago, and at least one connection didn't hold.

Plastic parts respond to a good scrubbing.  One of the small springs went missing.  I found a replacement, but it took a lot of research to find one where I didn't have to pay $35 for a setup charge and 20 springs.


Took all the wires off (having the foresight to sketch where they were connected), cleaned up the switch, retrimmed the wires, and soldered them back on.

A quick check with an ohmmeter shows whether there are contact problems.  I cleaned the contacts with some contact cleaner and with some very fine abrasive paper.  All checked OK.  This one is the kill switch, which should be closed (zero ohms) with the switch in its normal state.

The switch casings clean up just like the ones for the other side.  Center picture is after just washing with soap and water.

Ready to go together.  Notice the worn pivot pin.  It was on the left (clutch) side.  I couldn't find a standard shoulder bolt for this, and had to pay through the nose for a direct replacement.  Luckily, the one on the brake side is still usable.

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