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August 23, 2013

Installing Chainguard.

I found installing the chainguard on this bike one of the most awkward and clumsy jobs in the project.  The mounting design looks like an afterthought with the funky little L bracket at the front that needs three hands, but there isn't even room for one.  And mounting the brake switch is a chore with limited access to the backside of the guard.  The challenges are different if the guard is installed with the rear wheel off.

The guard is stock except that I soldered up the seam on top for a cleaner look.

It did finally go in, though, after some fiddling to get it to stay out of the way of the chain.  The hardware shown for the brake switch was something I tried that didn't work out.

Got the brake switch mounted and the wires cut to length and terminated.  That was the last of the wiring.

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