Hydraulic Press

Made mostly from scrap.  I wanted it stout, but easily movable.  I didn't feel I needed a lot of vertical capacity, so I made a short version and mounted it on a light base with wheels.

A surplus 3.5" x 6" hydraulic cylinder coupled with a surplus hand pump will give around 20 tons or more.  The pump says Cessna on it and I wonder if it was for a manual landing gear or something.  It delivers pressure on both strokes.

The Cylinder is on a carriage that moves left or right on rollerblade wheels. 

A bottle with about 20 PSI of air puts pressure on the bottom side of the piston, making the ram self-retracting.

The business end of the ram accepts various adaptors.  The one shown  takes 3/8" square drive sockets.

The work platform is not adjustable.  I just stack appropriate metal or wood to change the work height. 

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