I was always annoyed with the design of my Delta 28-275 bandsaw.  The placement of the motor behind the saw required a long base that extended almost thirty inches from the wall, using a lot of floor space.  When I decided to adapt the saw for metal cutting, I resolved to do something about the oversized footprint.

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The stock saw extends almost 30 inches front-to-back.

Delta Bandsaw

The bare base with the section marked for cutout.

Delta Bandsaw--Mods to Base

The base platform welded back together and ground flat. The cutout section is next to it.

Delta Bandsaw--Mods to Base

The smaller base reassembled.

Delta Bandsaw--Mods to Base

The backing plate for the belt guard had to be shortened and repositioned, too.

Delta Bandsaw--Modified Base

The original 3/4 HP Delta motor is on the right. On the left is a 1/5 HP Bodine gearmotor that runs at 100 rpm. It will supply a lot more torque than the larger motor.

Delta Bandsaw--second motor for metal cutting

This tensioner arrangement allows the use of (most of) the original belt guard, and also quickly relieves the tension for moving the belt.

Delta Bandsaw--two motors for wood/metal cutting

A closeup of the tensioner.  It's a shop-made wheel with skateboard ball bearings installed. 

Delta Bandsaw-- belt tensioner

The finished saw takes up less space. I still plan to enclose the base with a door on the side with the belt.

Modified Delta Bandsaw Modified Delta Bandsaw

Update, 4-21-08: Finally got the base enclosed-->

Bandsaw Bandsaw Bandsaw

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